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Closed Up Shop!

h3x a posted May 16, 14
Hey, all. Harbinger Directive is closed for business. I've downgraded and reactivated the website so that people can still access the forums. Be sure to check out TSW-RP.com if you're looking for a cabal. <3
Hey, everybody! Just a quick note to inform folks about a slight change to our recruitment policy. We are hovering at (or sometimes slightly over!) my self-imposed 50 person soft-cap. And, we still have a few very promising applications sitting in our queue.

As such, we are going to slow down our roster growth substantially by engaging "referral only" mode; we will only accept applicants who were sent to us by another member of the Harbinger Directive. So, you can still get into the cabal, but you need to mix it up with us first. Sounds like a win/win, in my opinion! 

Keep an eye out for our members in game, and you have my permission to get all up in their business and melt their faces with awesome role-play. For you proactive sorts, stalk our Events & Teaming forum or our cabal roster to instigate some in game meet ups.

Any questions or comments, feel free to hit me up via Enjin private message by clicking here.

Recruitment is Open!

h3x a posted Jan 8, 13
Now that most of our winter holiday vacations are concluded, and we're not knee deep in Mayan zombie corpses, we're opening recruitment back up! We received a lot of applications during the freeze, so we will be prioritizing these (received on or before 1/6) before we move on to the new. I appreciate everyone's patience through this, and I'll bust my hump to make sure we get them processed in a timely fashion. :)

Happy New Year!

h3x a posted Jan 2, 13
First of all, I now realize that my front page news posts were not viewable by everyone. So, that has been corrected. DERP. I am a huge idiot. Second, Happy New Year from the Harbinger Directive! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine wasn't so restful. But I spent a lot of great quality time with family and I am reinvigorated, ready to kick some ass in TSW.

We are hitting the ground running after the busy week, busting through our few remaining pre-freeze applications. Recruitment will open up again on January 7th, five short days from today! At the time of writing this, there were 10 applications that were submitted during the freeze, and we are organizing efforts so we can handle them quickly once the freeze lifts.

I'm stoked that so many great writers and roleplayers are interested in our cabal. These applications are super, all. And I totally appreciate your patience. h3x, OUT! :D

November Updates!

h3x a posted Nov 24, 12

Because Alec "DejaFu" Elise (AKA NewsCop) says this front page is "embarrassingly out of date," I thought I'd better do something. I don't want to regurgitate the cabal thread updates I've been posting on TSW-RP.com (but I do suggest you click here to read them, great info there!), so I will just paraphrase a few very important key points.

The 81 merger was a fantastic success. The group is gelling in very cool ways, IC and OOC alike, and we've been having a blast going out and doing things together. We've been exploring dungeon and lair content across all difficulty levels, and we even threw a group together to have a go at the new NYC raid. There has been tons and tons of roleplay and story writing, in game and on our forums. We are active and strong. If you're not part of this group, you're missing out. Plain and simple.

NOTE: We may close down recruitment for the month of December, to allow some time for our existing members to further progress individual story lines and roleplay, and continue to get to know one another better. Okay, fine. And to give me a break. :) So, if you're on the fence, get your application in!

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